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Ceramic Infrared Heating Element

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dpstar Thermo Control Electric Sdn. Bhd. (387517-A)
Malaysia Malaysia
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Ceramic infrared heating elements are efficient, robust heaters which provide long wave infrared radiation. The ceramic heaters and infrared heaters are used in a diverse range of industrial and engineering applications such as thermoforming heaters, packaging and as heaters for paint curing, printing and drying. They are also used very effectively in infrared outdoor heaters and infrared saunas. Ceramic elements produced by dpstar Maltec H include ceramic through elements, ceramic hollow elements, ceramic flat elements, and ceramic infrared bulbs.the Ceramic Infrared heating element, was created to maximize heater efficiency and performance while maintaining durability and design flexibility. These heaters are capable of transferring up to 90% of their input as radiant energy, and maximum efficiency is reached when the emitted wavelength and the absorption spectrum of the material to be heated are optimized. dpstar is one of the best ceramic infrared heating element suppliers and manufacturer in Malaysia. You can visit us at www.dpstar.com.my

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