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Heating element

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dpstar Thermo Control Electric Sdn. Bhd. (387517-A)
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Heating elements are used to produce high temperature in electric heaters. Electric heating elements can be seen or found in electric heating machinery and can come in all shapes and sizes. Heating Elements by Dpstar Manufacturing (Malaysia) brand Maltec-H are produced and customised in with different specifications and material for different application, but their overall function remains the same: to convert electrical energy into heat energy, then to transfer that heat energy to or through air, liquid or solids by convection, conduction or radiation.

There is a wide range of industrial heating elements that can be used to fulfil all kinds of machinery, systems, and applications. Dpstar Group is a top and renowned heater supplier and distributor in Malaysia, the types of these heaters are infrared heating elements, immersion heater elements, flexible heating elements, quartz heating elements and many more just to name a few. Many of such heating element varieties can be found in general household appliances in daily life. For example, tubular heating elements, one of the most general types of heaters which can be bent or made in different shapes, are used in consumer ovens and in dishwashers. Heating coils can be tubular, such as stovetop elements, or they may be wire, such as those that are used in toasters. Wire heating elements are almost certain to be found in commercial dryer heating elements; kilns, surface treatment heaters and many other kinds of dryers make use of wire elements. Ceramic heating elements, many of which are SiC heating elements, are used for convectional heating, such as in space heaters, furnaces and semiconductors. Heater elements have the capacity to produce temperatures as high as 1300° F.

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